Some of my clients have reported feeling signals from Spirit in the form of various body sensations. Recently a client told me that when she feels the sensation of goosebumps up and down one of her arms, she knows that Spirit is trying to get her attention. Generally, she stops what she’s doing at that moment and asks “What do you want to tell me”. She feels frustrated when nothing comes through.

I suggested she try the following:

How to Get in Touch with Your Spirit Guides

Set aside time each day to communicate with Spirit/Guides. At first, make it the same time each day and let your Guides know when your appointment time is set. It’s also important to specify that you are only open to the highest vibrational loving energy.

Then, show up consistently for 2 weeks at the scheduled time. Open the space with a practice of meditation/breathing/deep listening and some sort of ritual. Rituals can include lighting a candle, burning sage, saying a mantra, holding crystals.

Then, make a specific invitation when you have settled your energy and feel ready for communication. Have a pen and paper nearby in case you feel like writing down the guidance. Do not have any devices or distractions around you. This is sacred time for you and your energetic support system. Listen deeply. Ask your questions.

At the end of your designated meeting time each day, thank your Guides for being present. Even if you feel you did not receive any direct connection, assume that your Guides showed up (because they always do). After two weeks of consistently showing up for your appointment with Spirit, see how you feel. What did you sense? What felt good? If you weren’t doubting yourself, what would you know for sure?

Try it! Let me know how it goes!

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