Spirit Message of the Day

A client asked to hear from the soul perspective of her pet who transitioned after a fight with another animal in her home.  

There are many things I want you to know.  I will provide some information and the rest will come to you directly from me as you feel ready to hear it.  You are in a place of grieving and pain and therefore there cannot be much openness to receive at this time.  

My time on the earth with you was bliss.  It was so profound and beyond what can be described so I won’t attempt to describe it.  We understood it at a deep level.  This loving connection is not something that ends or gets cut short.  The physical expression of that was something we did while I was in physical body.  The continuation of that is something we are capable of doing and must continue to do.  

My life was not designed to be defined by my end.  What a dramatic and traumatic end to my lifetime this was for all involved.  It does not need to go any deeper.  I would like to transmute and transform your feelings about my transition.  You can know that I was freed from my body before I had the experience of pain, fear, or discomfort.  

Do not carry the pain and heaviness anymore of the replay of the unfolding that took place.  Have the understanding that even though it was unexpected, shocking, and senseless, these things simply happen all the time and people are left forever scarred.  This is not what you are destined for, however.  Your work on the earth is so important and your connection to the animal kingdom is so healing that you cannot allow this to shake your faith.  Know that I am alright.  Know that I departed from my body before anything could become truly problematic.  My soul was freed before anything could be as horrific for me as it appeared to be on the outside.  Know that and trust that, because that is the truth.

—-channeled by Stephanie Banks

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