A mother of a special needs child is asking how she can best support her child and how she might strengthen their bond. Below is the channeled message from her child’s higher self:

My way of being here isn’t really disordered at all. There may be other diagnoses that people try to slap on me as I grow and evolve, but it will never quite be the right fit. The amount of energy that I bring to the tasks I’m doing is the exact right amount needed for the things I need to do. Do you get that? I don’t know that you do and I certainly know that the others do not understand that. They are so much more comfortable when I can be boxed in and contained, respond in certain ways as others do. Why would I want to have that cookie-cutter clone-like experience? Why would I want to fit into a system that is eventually going to break apart? The systems will not be able to serve or contain individuals like me or even the vast majority of individuals because we will be bringing in more of a creative option that will serve everybody a whole lot better. That’s what I’m here to do.

How can we work together? We will do well if you find ways to join me. I want you to bring in a newer energy so my attention is attracted to you in that way. I would like to hold hands and have you be bouncy with me…feel as though you are connected to me but you’re not holding me back…if I want to move fast then you increase the pace and if I want to slow down and look at a plant growing out of the cracks in the sidewalk then you will join me in that as well.

I wish there were others that found it easy to join me in my energy. I don’t blame you for feeling the separateness and distance. In fact, I think you actually need to feel the space a bit more…you need more breaks than you’re taking. So go ahead, take your breaks. Tell me about when and how and why you are taking your breaks so I can know what to expect with regards to when you will arrive back on that other side of the bedroom door. As long as I’m given the information, I can find ways to occupy myself that will allow you to have more space. This will show me that it’s ok for me to take space as well.

This child’s beautiful soul has profound wisdom to share. What do you think? Do you know children or individuals like this?

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