Spirit Message of the Day

A client describes a beautiful expansive pond of peace within her being. She’s worked hard on her spiritual journey to clear out what did not serve her. Now she is curious about what she needs to do at present to complete and/or fulfill her purpose. Here is what her higher self said:

“I would do well to honor the vastness that I have crossed. A daily ritual of honoring this is important. Every time that I honor this vast expanse that I have crossed (sometimes very alone and completely by myself), I am in a place to go deeper into the gratitude designed to catapult me into the exact place that I’ve been holding in my visioning place for some time. To get to that place of gratitude would be easier if it is part of a ritual. I can wake up one more and be present to a particularly difficult experience or affliction that I’ve overcome and I can recognize how it was that I was able to move through, not just through sheer will, but through the grace of all the beings that encircle me and enfold me in their love. My knowing is that the universe rises up to meet me wherever it is that I wish to travel. The wow-ness of that particular experience that I will write, draw, or converse about will bring that experience to bless others. This is a process that will allow me to sink more deeply into the fact that I’m ready for all things coming my way.

I have a tendency to perceive necessity when there is none. There is a leaning into things being just-so or perfect that comes from an external belief system I’ve been exposed to…I’m ready to release that. I have made such a transformation that if I asked myself to go back and have a conversation with my old self, I would wonder who that person was back then. That person is so completely different. I’ve left her. I love her. I invite her to rest now in a deeply peaceful place. This peaceful pond is of my own making. I carry it with me all the time but did not recognize my ability to create this in my earlier self.”

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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