A client asked to hear from her higher self. She wants to know why she is asking so many deep existential questions. She feels her search for meaning is insatiable. Recently, this client regained her hearing ability which she had lost for years. Here is the message from Spirit.

I am a walking miracle and I’m fully aware of that and humbly accept that. There is so much now that I will capitalize on…if I can understand more by deeply listening and bring in more information through any possible venue, if I can access the gurus and masters that I feel most drawn to, if I can avail myself of any wisdom that lands in my lap, if I can do all of that then I can…what? What will I do with all of this information? How will I make it digestible for those I wish to teach. Wait, did someone say teach? Yes, ok I recognize I came here to teach. I came here not just to receive information. I have a very gifted way of making something that is very difficult to understand, understandable to those who might struggle. How do I know this? Because I struggled. When I leaned into my inner knowing and inner voice of wisdom, instead of asking for constant repetition, I could more easily find my truth. I am not in as big a search for information as I think. I am truly enjoying and soaking in and relishing the input in this way because I have felt starved for so long. It is like putting a full plate of beautiful food in front of somebody who has been starving. As information passes through my filtration system and becomes usable to others…that is if great interest to me. How can I invite others to be engaged with me? I am hungry for a larger circle and bigger audience. The voice within me is saying to reach out and share my story so others can access me. It is not the information that I am seeking, but rather the connection.

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