Spirit Message of the Day

A client is asking for guidance around her next steps in life that lead her closer to her purpose. Her higher self offered the following:

“I find it interesting that I’m looking for external guidance, validation, and support. I know my own guidance and connection to my own Guides. I feel it, hear it, and sense it all the time. Yes, I do go through times when I doubt what I’m sensing. I’m mostly spot-on though. What I am wanting to recognize yet again in my life is that I can take flight any time I want to. I only need to picture myself in a different setting or with different people in a different land, preferably. I have a wanderlust that is powerful for me. It’s a driving force that fulfills me each and every time.

While I love home, and coming home, I want to spend more time in the process of returning home…rather than operating from the place of home. This just requires some manifestation on my part. The best thing is for me to go to the visioning place and start to pull things off the shelf that I’ve put aside for quite some time. I have had every single experience in this lifetime to equip me to say I’m well-rounded.

I can support anybody at any level of their desire for their own physical and mental health and well-being. I can support those who are curious about internal and external health. I can support those who are curious about the best books to read, because I’ve already read them. I can support those who are looking for the right gurus to follow because I’ve followed those gurus myself. I am my own guru. I am a teacher to others as well. I do not take this lightly or come from egoic thinking. I honor the place in which I stand that allows me to be a teacher of others. I prefer to teach from the space beyond.

I can now close my eyes and throw a dart a map to create excitement about where I will go next. I have a desire to be multiple places to share and spend energy with others whom I would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. This message is very familiar to me…I’ve heard the same message from within myself. Each and every time I have honored it I have said “Oh, I’m so glad I listened to that”.

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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