During a coaching session with a client this week, I was shown a visualization of her fully clothed physical body being hung up like a garment in a closet…hanger and all. Her Guides were showing me that there were several hangers that were literally holding her up on the rungs of the closet; and her work was to take herself off of these hooks, one by one.

So often we use the phrase “let yourself off the hook” but how often do we let ourselves off our own hooks? The tendency towards perfectionism (recovering perfectionist here!) and unreasonably high self-expectations (yep, that too!) can kill just about any experience or interaction. It’s happened to me countless times.

This startling visualization of my client hanging in her closet like a well-laundered shirt was a powerful picture of what we do to ourselves when we are unaware of or distracted from the truth of our enoughness.

What can you do today to let yourself off the hook? In what ways are you holding yourself (or another) to an impossibly high standard? How can you show yourself a bit more tenderness and compassion?

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