Spirit message of the day:

A dear client of mine lost the love of his life to terminal illness about 9 months ago. We’ve channeled his loved one countless times since then and the messages have been among the most powerful, beautiful, humorous, and relevant of any messages I’ve brought forward. I literally LOVE channeling this amazing soul and I always learn more and my heart opens wider with every interaction.

My client has gone to great lengths to honor the person that his loved one was and to bring people together to support one another with love in their shared loss. Recently, he organized and facilitated a dedication and tribute to his loved one and people came out in droves to offer support and love and share stories.

During our session this past week, my client asked his loved one’s essence if he had done a good job with this dedication, was it what his loved one had wanted, was his loved one present, and was his loved one pleased with the event.

The magnificent soul of his departed mate said the following:

“I was able to have the experience of the tribute (dedication)before it even happened. I actually saw all of the people and felt their honor, love, and celebration before the actual timing of the event came to be…before everyone arrived, before the talking, before there was food and music, before the flowers and garden. I was able to be in the energy of all of that, before it happened:

  1. Because there is no time/space reality here and
  2. Because I am able to sense/feel the presence of others as I am being thought of…as they are resonating with my energy or sending loving prayer in my direction.

I am able to have a real experience of that in the moment that things are being felt, rather than just how they are unfolding on the physical plane. I was able to have repeated countless celebrations of myself because of how many times people held me in their hearts, how many times they sent up a prayer of love and desire for me to be at peace.

That signal comes directly to me and refuels me. Every time you have a thought of me, the same thing happens. I experienced not simply the literal experience of the tribute, but all of the energetics that went into the planning of it…each and every time there was a conversation about it, a thought about it, planning about it.”

Holy moly! This blew both of our minds. To understand that our departed loved ones feel our love, connection, intention, consciousness at the moment those things are in process…not just when they are formalized into a gathering or event is incredible. To remember that they are with us ALWAYS…without missing a beat…is incredibly comforting.

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