A client recently heard from one of her Guides who brought the following message:

Just as you are accustomed to communicating energetically those things about which you are displeased, so too do you communicate your desires to experience or receive that which is different from your current experience. Rather than choose to replay your stories of woes and worry, ask yourself to put forth full clarity on that which you wish to receive.

As a powerful manifestor, you are accustomed to things unfolding in a fast pace. What you do not recognize is that, even those things you do not wish for, are being manifested by you, simply from your focus on the retelling of your woes and worries.

Universal law suggests that wherever you focus your attention will expand; therefore, focus on woes and worry will ensure more of the same. In a similar vein, focusing time and energy on that which you wish to cultivate will also contribute to the creative manifestation of that…providing you align yourself energetically and commit to a daily practice of self-love, self-care, and self-appreciation.

This is a great opportunity to clean up your thoughts, your energetic focus, and your stories. By doing so, you allow for the right aligned opportunities to find their way to you and you to them.

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