A client is asking for guidance around finding her next step professionally. Her Higher Self provided the following:

“We want you to revisit some things here. You’ve skipped some important steps. You’ve had some bumps along the journey that have given you inaccurate information that you’ve woven into the grander story that you’re telling. Your skill set lies in your ability to bring love to everything you do, support others in transitions, deeply listen to another, find the space and possibilities that are yet unseen by the ones for whom you serve. As you redevelop your confidence, you will recognize that those you have previously served were quite lovely beings but not quite the match for your depth of perception.

What you are wanting to call forward are those who are a right-aligned match to your skills, intuition, and loving energy you have to offer. It is with that clarity that you must invite them forward. No matter what you choose to pursue, you will not be required to label your next move. Soften and blur your outer visual field so you can perceive things that are on the periphery. You have had a full lifetime of experience to inform you of your gifts. However, there is so much more beneath the surface.”

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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