A client asked the following questions (from a Danielle LaPorte survey) from the essence of a friend who departed over a year ago. Below are the questions and her friend’s soul’s responses:

What do you think is my greatest strength?

Honey, I would say keeping your shit together. Even though you don’t believe that you do that so well, I see it from this side. There are so many moving parts and pieces that you’re keeping together. You don’t see the end game but I do.

What do you think I should let go of?


When do you feel that I am at my best?

I have seen you after a good-night’s rest when you are aglow. Your skin looks different, your hair looks different and your eyes sparkle. I have seen you after a not-goodnight’s rest and you are a hot mess. So I will say “sleep is your friend, my love”.

What do you wish I were less of, for my sake?

I wish that you were less dependent on the estimation of others regarding your worth of anything, your work, your heart, your healing abilities. I wish for you to have the knowing and the seeing that I do from this perspective, where you would not question your deep knowing and your worth in order to have a more perceived acceptance with another. There are moments where I want to shake you by the shoulders when you place your own worth in the hands of another for them to decide if you should feel good, feel like the amazing kickass soul that you are. For you to feel the truth of who you are, you allow others to make that determination. I would reverse it because that is so bass-ackwards. You must understand that it is inherent in who you are that you are a pure, good, loving, perfect soul. What you are here doing is nothing short of magical. When you are a fucking magician doing magic on the earth it is not for anyone else to point a finger or a wand in your direction spewing criticism or judgment your way. Put up the fucking force field my dear. Let it bounce off of you from far far away. I just placed the invisible force field around you, you can thank me. But you must maintain it now. It can get holes in it by your own making, your own thoughts and wrong beliefs about yourself…you can start to wear it out from the inside and then the projections of others have a tendency to seep in. You can use me as your ‘chief force field operator’ and I will make the repairs as necessary until which time as you feel you can make the repairs yourself.

What do you think I should give myself more credit for, or celebrate more often?

I no longer believe in the delay of gratification for anything. In every moment when you have the opportunity to give yourself pleasure in any way, grab it! That’s what the three dimensional world is so good at. There are so many things there to eat, smell, taste, touch, see, bring in through the senses.…I want you to behave as though this might be your last day. If I had known the calendar date of my grand transition, I would have availed myself of more of the pleasures on the earth plane and none of the guilt. That’s what you need more of.

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