A client is preparing for a major transition to create a new business and is seeking guidance how to free up her time to pursue this venture.  This message came from her Higher Self.

I am bracing myself.  I am readying and steadying because what I know is coming is more of the same of what I have already experienced.  While I always give the benefit of the doubt to others, I have not invested myself in a lifetime that was guaranteed to have ease.  I have ease in a number of directions, but the areas I am now focused on will require an upstream swim. I am getting ready for that which will require training, strength, endurance, and faith.  I will need to dig deep in order to fortify myself with what I need. I am not seeking the path of least resistance in this phase of time. What if I need to go against the current right now? I will not know as much about myself at this point in time as I do once I have enacted what I have in my mind, my imagination, and my goals.  I can create anything. Now it’s a matter of bringing form to that which I have not yet created. I’m willing to go through the upstream process until I get to a place where I can claim sustainability. I cannot place into the laps of those that I already to know to be unable to carry forward what I need. To do so would be a disservice to myself and the relationship.  I will envision those who are capable of stepping into that which I need them to do. I can trust others through my own levels of discernment to execute the tasks and responsibilities that are given to them.

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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