A client is asking to hear guidance about this new year and her work. Her message came through a Guide as well as her Higher Self.

“You have reached a pinnacle. You are not at the end of anything, but rather at the beginning of so much. You’ve done the work, gone deep, shined your light on the shadows…now where is the reward? This is just one pinnacle of many. You are one who has a tendency to shrink back, as the mountain looks so big in its climb. You bring so much in your backpack with you and yet you need NOTHING but you. You do not need to fortify yourself with anything external any longer. You yourself are your own self-contained pack. You will simply draw from within whatever is needed during the journey. You will recognize that you are so well-supported by countless others…not because you have dragged them up the mountain with you, but because they wish to be along the journey with you. You shake things up and allow them to resettle where they need to be, where they are in better service, where they are more beautifully received and perceived. It’s what you do. You are quite excited about it because you feel as though you’ve hit your groove and are prepared in some strange way for what is coming even though you don’t know what is coming. The gratitude that you are feeling now is ‘thank you guardians of life, Source, Creator that is allowing me to grow in the way you need to grow.’ You did not always believe you had the strength in heart to grow in the way you needed to. And now you know you do.”

~Channelled by Stephanie Levenston

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