A client asked to hear from a dearly departed friend. She did not get an opportunity to say goodbye. Here is the message received from Spirit.

I know that you know that I am more than ok. This is such a relief to be in this pure loving energy. I’m going to do my best to send you the feeling of what it is like to be here in total freedom, expansion, and love. I also want to give you so much more. I want to offer to you what you have offered to me over this lifetime. I have tapped into your availability, loving energy, and generosity far more than what I have been able to offer to you. I am not diminishing myself. I have a different perspective now to see that the scales were tipped more in one direction and I’d like to even up the tab. We all need guardian angels, a little bit of support from the other side. It would be my wish for you to give me the opportunity to offer this to you. Now that I am not available to be phoned, you can think and feel and sense something and know that my presence is with you in that moment. I believe we can find our way back to one another so that we can stay in the present. Wouldn’t that be amazing. You also need to know that I was ready. As a tender heart, it was only built to withstand so much. The heart can only prosper when it has the amount of love that is necessary. I didn’t request that as often as I could have. It didn’t feel like it was mine to claim. Whenever your heart is needing fulfillment or refueling, I’m going to kick you in the ass and tell you to go after that…dig into that…bring your fullness to the table because it will only serve to fill your heart and that’s what we’re here for.

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