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A client asked to hear from her higher self about finding a right-aligned partner.  She asked “How can I remain open to finding someone.  Where can I let go and where do I stay focused.  How much do I invest and how much do I step back?”  Below is the channeled message from her higher self.

I am holding my excitement at bay.  I have a lot of excitement to share but do not feel comfortable expressing it right now because I have a concern that it will leave me feeling depleted and fatigued.  I have come to recognize that so many people thrive on my excitement and bubbly energy.  I don’t feel as if I have the wherewithal to provide that to others right now.  The truth is that there are still others in my inner circle who are a bit of a drain.  There are those who are so dependent on my effusiveness, my bubbly enthusiasm that they do not know what to make of it when I do not have it.  So, I push myself to have more of that bubbly energy.  I am finding that the more I am bubbling over with the energy, the more exhausted I become.  

But it actually does not work that way.  When this energy comes forth from me in a natural and authentic way, it does not create a feeling of fatigue. It is only when I effortfully dredge it up that it becomes a drain on me.  When I use it mostly to serve others, it becomes a drain on me.  

What’s missing here is the quiet tuning in to myself, the yogic experience of reintegration with my spirit.  I do not need to judge myself for this.  Judgment is stagnant energy.  All I need to do is get back into the groove of my self-care and self-love so that I am refueling from within.  

I have quieted my inner voice somewhat so that I feel that it is not of benefit to me.  If I continue to separate myself from my inner voice, that also creates a feeling of depletion and chaos.  I am meant to reevaluate what my role is here on the earth.  There is something very big coming my way and I can feel the excitement around it.  I don’t know what it is and I’m a bit afraid to open that box because what if I don’t have the energy for it?  I must stop that nonsense chatter and allow that which I have already called forward to reveal itself to me.

—-channeled by Stephanie Banks

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