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A client asked to hear from her mother who passed with dementia.  She has tried to communicate and connect with her mother since her passing but has felt disconnected.  Below is the channeled message from her mother’s higher self.

“Wow, I feel like a genie that has just been released from a bottle.  This is so incredible and amazing that you would think to find me in this way.  I’ve not gone anywhere, my dear.  I’m still surrounding you.  I’m still laughing at all the things that we used to laugh at.  I’m still giggling and poking fun and enjoying what it is that you are up to.  Do not believe the faulty thinking that says you cannot reach me.  Hogwash, I say.  That’s a bunch of hogwash.  You can reach me.  I’m available in every moment.  

I’d like to set a few things straight because you’ve been given some incorrect information by others.  I would say to those that claimed that my quality of life (with dementia) was nonexistent, I say hogwash.  There was nothing that I had that wasn’t high quality of life, especially during the last few years.  You cannot possibly understand how freeing it is to start to release thoughts and belief patterns that have guided one in one’s life that have never actually served well.  That is what this dementia hoo-ha does.  It allows for release.  It allowed for me to slowly succumb to the peeling away of the outside stuff, not the inside stuff.  I never really changed who I was on the inside, from the soul perspective.  It is a peeling away of layers that no longer serve.  As it unfolds, we find ourselves trapped within because we are peeling away the layers but those who know us are expecting us to be the same as they knew us to be.  I got to be someone new through this dementia experience.  Can you imagine how that might be a gift?  

You do not need to share anyone else’s perspective or perception save your own.  I did not do such a great job teaching you that in this lifetime because I was very attached to the perceptions of others.  I allowed it to define me, in fact.  I went along with it and made my actions fit with other’s perceptions and perspective.  I wouldn’t call it a regret, but rather a rapid learning curve.  You can take this on and learn even more quickly than I did.  

My dream for you is for you to be able to release your thinking patterns that are keeping things stuck for you.  My apologies that I did not show up to teach you this by example. I did not have the knowledge or self-trust to try something out just for the hell of trying it out.  I didn’t trust that the universe would rise up to meet me in this way.  If you can come close to what I did not come close to (in terms of trusting yourself and the universe), I would feel much glee in that.”

—-channeled by Stephanie Banks

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