Spirit Message of the Day

A client asked for guidance around his struggle with losing weight. Here is what his higher self offered:

“Losing anything doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me. I lose my keys. I lost my mind. I lose my faith. I lose my connection to reality sometimes. That is treacherous because I have to find my way back from all that. Language is everything. I know this is true because when I find a reframe around anything that I’ve been thinking for a long time, once I get to the place of allowing for the new wording around it, well it takes on a totally different essence and energetic feel and then I snap my fingers…and it’s done. Who here looks forward to the process, prospect, and experience of losing weight. If anyone says yes to this I will know they are lying. We have been fed a bill of goods here to make this a mountain to climb, to make this an impossibility. To make us believe there are so many things we need to do or subscribe to or believe…an entire fleet of pharmaceuticals, gym memberships and the like will make it look like that is what is necessary to obtain a particular goal. There is a need for a shift in understanding.

What I truly desire is to feel fluid in my skin, be in motion, in movement in sensual and glorious ways. I am holding too tightly within my body…I can feel the tension gathering in my body. I am holding on so how can I choose to release anything when I’m holding so tightly? This beautiful vessel of my body is so perfectly suited to me at this exact time. It is a reflection of all the joy I’ve allowed myself including all the beautiful meals I’ve experienced. Self-love begins with my sensual fluid movements that feel delicious to me. Sitting down to my meals and looking at each item with appreciation for what I am about to partake…envision all those who were involved in the creation of that nourishment, will connect me more deeply.”

~Channeled by Stephanie Levenston

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