Sometimes my clients ask me to channel wisdom about their love life. For some the question is: Why am I attracting only emotionally unavailable partners? For others it is: Why do my relationships hold so much drama and tumult? And for others it might be: Why haven’t I found that right match yet…or is it even available to me in this lifetime?

For each client, the message is different because it is based on their energy at the time of the reading. The Guides tune in to what is true for that person’s energy and belief system at the moment they are asking their question. What comes through is always pertinent.

Recently a client asked for a channeled message about her love life.

Her Guides indicated that when she sends the signals out to the universe for a partner to respond, it is similar to sending out invitations to potential mates. Depending on what her energy and beliefs are about herself in the moment she sends these ‘invitations’, she will either be sending invitations from the Dollar Store or from a fine stationer (according to her Guides’ analogy).

As we know, shopping at the Dollar Store is an excellent option when we want to load up on cheap, disposable items that we generally don’t have intention of using long-term. A trip to the Dollar Store does not usually require much thought, energy, or resources. Compare that to when we are hosting a special gathering, such as a wedding, religious ceremony, or graduation and we are more likely to frequent a higher end stationery shop or customize beautiful invitations online.

This takes more time, intention, consideration, thoughtfulness, and care. When sending out energetic invitations for a meaningful and deeply connected partnership (which is what my client desires), she is being guided to pass up the Dollar Store invitations for those more carefully crafted by a professional stationer. It’s a great analogy.

Her Guides pointed out that when we are clear about who we are, we attract that. Since most of her romantic partners lately have been emotionally unavailable, that has been the match to what she believes about herself. We only call forward the highest match to where we are at any moment. This was an enlightening message for my client. She recognized that she was not holding the fine stationery vibration, but rather the vibe of the Dollar Store when it came to calling forward the right energetic match for her. This universal law can be applied to all areas of our lives.

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