Recently an attendee of my Power Up Your Intuition Workshop reflected the following to me:

“At your intuition class, I felt so much energy and it was so high vibrational that I started to feel a little anxious. But I knew to breathe into it and trust that it’s good and fine and by the end of it I felt so confident and comfortable, like I was glowing”

I can tell you for sure, that this gorgeous soul was definitely glowing. I noticed her radiance immediately. I love how she honestly described her feelings. New situations can definitely create feelings of anxiety. And when you are also an empath (as she was), picking up on the excited, nervous, and high vibe energy of others can also create the sensation of anxious energy.

What if we sat in the experience of heightened energy, felt it for what it was (more intense energy, moving energy), and we were shown the channel for that energy…how to direct it…how to allow it to move through us…how NOT to hold onto it. What if we simply recognized it as energy…not good or bad…just there.  How much more smooth might our journeys be with this practice?

What do you think? When do you notice anxious energy the most?

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