I work with a lot of parents who wish to tune in to the soul aspect of their children. Most of the time, the question the parent has for their child’s soul is something like: How can I better support you on your journey and what do you need from me right now? Other times, parents ask very specific questions related to their child’s purpose. Sometimes parents are struggling with something and want to understand at a deeper level why that particular struggle is unfolding.

My work with parents is one of the most sacred things I do.

As a mother, I believe that the work of parents is to own our personal insecurities, expectations, judgments, and self-limiting beliefs in order to be the clearest vessels of loving energy and guidance for our children.

I also believe that more and more children are coming through to the earth plane with some very powerful and ancient wisdom, skills, tools, and understanding of what needs to be done here. That can feel overwhelming to parents, especially those who believe they are supposed to know more than (and be able to control) their children.

A client scheduled a session to channel her school-aged daughter.

This mama was feeling overwhelmed by the many demands placed on her by her precocious child. She felt overwhelmed by the constant questions her daughter posed, the constant needs of her child to be connected to her whether in conversation or physical proximity, etc.

My client said “I give more and it seems more is being asked of me. I get depleted really easily and then I start to tell my own guilt story. The other night, after a really busy day together, my daughter sat down to cuddle with me on the couch and I had this horrible response in my body…like just get away from me and leave me alone. That feels like a terrible thing to say as a mother.”

The guidance that came through from Spirit and from her daughter’s essence was refreshing and incredibly helpful. First, Spirit reminded this sweet mama that she was under the faulty belief that she had to respond to all of her daughter’s questions.

Not so. In fact, any time she needed to be left alone, she only had to set up the boundary to make that happen. This is as simple as saying, “Mommy is off duty right now for the next (period of time). Save your questions until I am more available to answer them.”

Showing our children that we need breaks and alone time allows them to honor that need within themselves as well. This client’s honest account of her guilty feelings is something all of us can relate to, I’m sure.

How many times have we felt like a bad parent because we did not want to share physical proximity with our children? Personally, I’ve lost count. It’s normal, natural, and common. When we wrap that experience up with the harsh bow of guilt, there’s no space for self-compassion.

Her daughter’s soul message was the following:

“I’m interested in learning…this is why I came through you. My will and desire have me wishing to tap into what you have to offer me. All things that will help me understand boundaries will serve me in the highest way as I go through my life.


If I don’t have an understanding of that ,then I will not be able to recognize when someone is going into retreat mode. It will be confusing for me and I will experience anger about it as I won’t understand it. So I am asking to have language around this.


You are under no obligation to meet my every need. I am a being who is capable of meeting my needs. You watch me do this all the time. I can manipulate my environment to serve the purpose I need it to serve. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

What a beautiful reminder that our children are ALREADY incredibly capable, competent individuals with their own journeys before them. What they need from us, more often than not, is to honor them as sovereign beings and provide them the opportunities, support, space, and compassion to move forward in their lives as they see necessary.

We do not have the answers for our children, nor for anyone else. We only have our own. By teaching them self-love, self-care, and boundaries (through our own modeling) we do a great service to them.

What do you think?

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