A client asked to hear guidance around her career. She has had difficulty finding the type of work she feels she’s meant to do as a coach, teacher, healer but instead has been receiving opportunities to work with children and families. The soul that came forward to respond to her inquiry was that of one of the children for whom she cares. This is the message from Spirit.

I have brought you forward because you responded to my very strong signals. I don’t know what you’re talking about when you refer to stagnant energy because nowhere in your being do you have any stagnant energy. Do you think it is an accident that this work you now do offers you freedom, openness, spaciousness, time to yourself. You can acknowledge that your access to these things is more than sufficient. So if you wish to expand or express or shift gears, you have all the space available to you to do so. You would do well to identify how many minutes in a day you have available just for you, including your sleeping state. When counting these minutes, include those in which you have no accountability to another or state of full attentiveness to another. Count them up, you will see. As you have an appreciation for the amount of time and space that truly is your own, I would recommend you get your own clarity on what fits in the very uppermost region of your big exquisite heart. See what has risen to the surface and seems to be bobbing about and calls to you. When your mind drifts off, where does it go? Pay attention to that and write it down. There are some portals here that are doorways to even more light and love and sharing and financial ease and all you might desire. These doorways are not fully swung open. Where your faulty belief system has led you to believe that somewhere you have less access to the things you desire. I am asking you to go inward and examine those portals and ask ‘what are you the gateway to?’ and allow for it to identify itself one at a time. Unlock one gate at a time. There is nobody on the planet like you with your gifts and skills that you have, in the magnanimous way that you possess. You’ll have to trust me on that one.

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