A client is asking to hear from higher guidance around why she was laid off from work. At first she felt as though a weight had been lifted but since then her mind has created other stories around the situation.

The following message came through from a feminine Guide:

What you don’t know about me is that I am present to every signal you send out that you wish for something to be different. I am the grand processor of your requests in the realm of guidance. I am here to bring your desires Earthside so they are pleasing to you in the manner in which you wish to experience your life. This will require for you to get more clarity around what you want. At present, you are not in clarity. I ask that you do what is needed to focus on that which you wish to create. Focus your energy ahead since you are in forward momentum. This job has been released for you, as was your request. You did not recognize that this could be done so quickly and easily. So you are now in the place of worry. I am going to take your behaviors and desires quite literally. This is a very good reason for you to clean this stuff up. If you believe that you cannot find something that you believe you need right now, that will be your experience. If, however, you believe that with some support you will be able to experience that which you desire, then that will unfold. What is essential is that we do not waste time in the lack of clarity. You have available to you whatever you wish to slide into. There need not be drama, questioning, or self-doubt so do not leave room for thoughts to clog those main arteries or manifestation. I will remain here to receive your requests.

~Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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