We are all channels for divine love and communication. This I know for sure. The way that I channel is different from the way that you channel, yet they are both equally valid and important. To me, channeling means that we maintain ourselves as open vessels to receive loving guidance from other realms as well as from within.

When I teach my clients how to channel, I am always clear that I am not the expert on their particular form of channeling. I am only the expert on my way…and even that is changing and growing all the time.

There are so many different forms of channeling. Art is a form of channeling. Writing is another. Music and dance are also forms of channeling. Channeled messages can come through in the most unexpected ways. Some of my best guidance comes while I’m in the shower! Other times, entities visit me while I’m wandering the grocery aisles.

One thing I’m clear about is that I’m not a vessel for anything other than the highest level of loving vibrational energy. I do not fear ‘dark energy’ or ‘low vibrational energy’ coming through me because I have super clear boundaries and have learned how to maintain myself through self-love, self-care, and clarity.

What about you? How do you channel?

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