A client is experiencing a constriction in her cash flow and has been taking measures to consolidate debt and get further support on money management.  She asked for higher guidance on managing her financial situation.  A female guide named Shanti provided the following message:

“You are absolutely in the perfect place, dear one.  You are meant to feel the constriction at multiple levels.  I do not say this to spook you because you have said that you are wondering when you should schedule your panic session.  On January 4, that is a good time to panic.  I say this to bring a playful energy.  Of course you don’t need to schedule a panic session, but if you feel that one is necessary, then please do put it on the schedule.  Really bring it on and play full out.  Have the biggest panic you can have.  In fact, I encourage you to bring others to the party.  Everybody on the earth plane is panicking in one form or another.  Those are panicking about the political scene, others panicking about true poverty, others about true wealth, and yet others who are panicking about the fact that they can’t find anything to panic about!  You see it is just energy.  It is just a wave that moves through.  You say, ‘Well this feels really real to me.  I can feel things slipping through my fingers in terms of having the financial stability according to my own definition’.  And I say, “Yes”.  I honor that.  I will not argue with that because numbers are numbers and they do not lie.  You see?  I speak your language.  What is important is for you to recognize that as there is outflow, so too is there inflow.  Here is where you are most desperate for a solution.

  1. Good on you for finding ways to limit the excessive outflow.  Although I say this tongue in cheek because you do not exhibit excessive outflow.  You are accessing more wisdom about your patterns and shortcomings in this way and ultimately about your relationship with money in general and it is the perfect time for that.  Good for you for availing yourself of what is out there.  You have gleaned enough information at this point.  You’ve learned enough to recognize that you just need some more damn money!  So here comes #2!
  2. Why are you not requesting more?  It is so plain and simple to make the request that you be more adequately compensated for the way in which you are delivering your goods, your services, your energy, and it is absolutely imperative that you do this.  You have not asked for anywhere near your worth.
  3. There are no fewer than 10,000 ways that money can find you.  Make yourself findable.  Allow for yourself to be in the industry of service in a variety of ways that have not yet been considered.  You say, ‘well, I don’t have a lot of time.’  I say, that is actually not the case.  This calls for some creative thinking.  You are a creative being entering into a level of flow that is going to blow your mind…and that is a good thing.  It is for you to discover how big you can expand into your own creative flow and creative space.  You won’t come close to the number that you are actually worth, but each time you make the request you will get a little closer and a little closer.  Each time your requests go unmet, you can consider that an opportunity to see that as another open door to get closer approximation to what it is you are wishing to have in terms of your lifestyle and ease of living.”

~Channeled by Stephanie Levenston

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