A client asked to hear from her grandmother who recently passed. She wanted to know if she did everything possible for her grandmother during her last days, or if anything was left untended. Here is her message from Spirit.

My sweet darling, you have done exactly as I have requested. When you had the courage to speak up and offer wisdom, you did so. When you felt as though it wasn’t something word-worthy but rather heart-worthy, you communicated through the heart. You continue to offer to me through your quiet and loving ways. I would say there was nothing lacking…I had every bit of energetic support that I could possibly need. You have beings around you right now to provide you and source you with the exact kind of energy exchange that you are wishing for. What I perceive that you most need right now is the energy of entertainment. You need to laugh a whole lot…great big belly laughs. You need to be rolling on the floor and peeing in your pants. I would just practice, because practice opens the door to the other realms where laughter and connection resides. What your motherhood needs and what your career needs is a whole lot more laughter.

~Message Channeled by Stephanie Banks

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