Out of all the many jobs I’ve had (and believe me, I’ve had many), parenting is definitely the most challenging. Caring for another soul whose journey is completely their own while attending to their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs is, well, enormous.

Often, in the world of parenting, we don’t know if we’re doing it ‘right’. We may feel like we are offering the best advice, providing amazing guidance, and/or being incredibly supportive, only to find our ideas/offerings completely rejected. Parenting can be the most rewarding AND the most depleting job.

If your child(ren) can be described as highly sensitive or empathic, then the parenting journey can be even more demanding. We live in a world that generally does not accept or understand highly sensitive people. And our schools are generally not set up to support highly sensitive children. Often, these children feel depleted and overwhelmed in a traditional school environment. They may need extra support, techniques, and tools. 

So how do we protect our children’s emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing while also supporting their academic, social, emotional, and intellectual growth?

I certainly don’t have all the answers. But I can share a bit of what I do know (as a parent and an empath) in this video. It just might help you or someone you know to become more deeply connected to a highly sensitive/empathic child.

What I know for sure is that there are many ways to parent well. There is no right way. As long as we stay connected to our child’s spirit, we will be able to navigate our role with them with greater love and ease.

Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a professional intuitive channel who uses her gifts to connect with all life, humans, plants, and animals. 

Stephanie Banks

Intuitive Channel, Soul Insight LLC

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