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Stephanie uses her intuitive skills/gifts to customize coaching sessions and packages for those clients who are interested in fulfilling their deepest desires, whether those desires are personal, professional, or both.  Stephanie coaches clients from all backgrounds:  professionals at the top of their game, entrepreneurs, energy workers and healers, parents, and creative individuals focused on learning to fully trust their own inner guidance.

If there is a gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be, coaching with Stephanie may be the gateway to get you there more efficiently and with a lot more fun!  Coaching sessions are centered around your goals, defined by you.  These goals may change from session to session and Stephanie maintains flexibility and focus to support you on your journey to reaching your deepest desires.

With a background in communication skills, many years working in highly demanding health care environments, public speaking engagements/teaching on the topic of intuition and Spirit, and an organized, humorous, and joyful approach to life, Stephanie has helped many people live their best lives.

Complimentary Coaching Consultation

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Selecting the right coach is an important decision.  Not everyone’s energy and personality is an ideal match.  Stephanie is highly selective about those for whom she coaches.  Coaching clients are mostly referred by word of mouth.  However, if you are interested in considering a coaching relationship with Stephanie, please fill out the form.  Stephanie will respond to your request and set up a time for your complimentary coaching consultation to determine if the fit is right.  Stephanie places a high level of importance on finding the right fit between coach and client and she believes this can best be assured by having an in-depth conversation to discuss your specific needs, desires, and expectations.

“I feel blessed by having been led to Stephanie Levenston’s professional path and by being able to experience, and benefit from, her superior, abundant and authentic gifts.  Stephanie is deeply grounded in her understanding of the laws and ways of the Universe.  She is unusually perceptive, insightful, energetically sensitive, steady, clear, sincere in intent, non-judgmental and gentle as she guides you to your deeper understanding and awareness of your own gifts…I can’t wait for the next session!” 

Diane, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“It has been my privilege to work with Stephanie Levenston as my coach for the past several months. She is a very talented and knowledgeable professional and has enabled me to open up to new and exciting paths in my own spiritual and professional growth. I highly recommend her and intend to continue with her myself.”

Joanne F, MA, LCSW

“What makes Stephanie so special and so interesting to work with is her ability to bring out the raw and crucial elements required to build upon who we really are inside, who we want to be and what we want to go after. I wasn’t aware of how much personal and professional guidance I needed until we started unraveling the necessary yet difficult components that were blocking my growth as a person and success as a professional. It was then when I realized that I truly deserved more in my life and needed assistance going after my dreams and Stephanie was the right person to help me reach my full potential.”

Dawn D
Business Owner, Marketing and Graphic Design Specialists

“When I decided to seek out a spiritual coach, I was prepared to take my time because I thought it would be awhile before I found the right fit. Stephanie literally showed up as I was starting to put more energy into my desire to deepen my spiritual connection. Working with her already has resulted in exciting changes – from my prosperity mindset to calling in spirit guides and healers when working with clients. Her approach is down-to-earth and practical, while at the same time expanding into the Universe and its beautiful mysteries. Her ability to also call in guidance from spirit guides and relatives allows her to serve as a sort of etheric bridge for my growth. I’m excited to see how my own healing practice will evolve as I spiritually grow and awaken with Stephanie.”

KCCH / HTP-A Energy Healing Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Coach


Stephanie’s messages are always of the highest vibration as she only tunes into the highest level of loving energy and guidance. She is able to channel love and healing to those who are in pain and/or experiencing loss as well as offer spiritual coaching/guidance to those who are interested in making changes in their lives. Stephanie’s Guides are humorous and full of light so her sessions generally involve much laughter and evoke positive feelings. Stephanie loves helping others connect with their loved ones on the other side and supporting her clients on their life path. She cares deeply for every client and most of her clients are regular repeat customers.

“Stephanie’s gift is nothing short of amazing! She is approachable and welcoming which opens the chance for people who may have previously felt nervous about readings to feel safe with her. Stephanie is such a clear, beautiful channel with intentions of only the highest good. Definitely someone to keep close in your spiritual toolkit.”

Marisa H.

“Stephanie was so on the mark. Absolutely amazing and transformational; she not only channeled my loved ones in ways that were so classically “them” but she helped process it in a really genuine and helpful way. I will be booking regular sessions!”

Amanda L.

“Stephanie is profoundly authentic and real. My reading had me in tears. I could feel the presence of my guides and the strength with which they called me on playing small and urged me to move forward with my vision. I took action the next day.”

Lourdes S.

“I am so grateful for your service and all the clarity you brought through for my current life challenges. I am grateful for your beautiful and light filled ability to help me see into the most profound and good parts of me and my loved ones. I am feeling empowered, clear and centered after my session with you. Thank you!”

Paula B.

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