Soul Parties

stephanie levenston smiling

Party with a Purpose!

Looking for a meaningful way to gather and dive deep with those nearest and dearest to you?  Ever wonder what your soul would tell you if you opened the door to that communication?  Wishing to cut through superficiality to engage in deeper conversations about spirit, intuition, relationships, and soul purpose?  Then a soul party with Stephanie is the perfect option!

These gatherings take place on Zoom. You gather your favorite people and Stephanie handles the rest. Each soul party lasts approximately 90-120 minutes and each participant is guaranteed an opportunity to have a personal channeled message. Don’t worry if some people in your party are new to this type of experience. Stephanie has a way of putting everybody at ease. Before you know it, everyone will be crying and laughing together at the powerful, healing, and humorous messages that come through.

If you’re interested in gathering your tribe for an evening of powerful soul connection, use the form below to find out availability and further details.  Looking forward to elevating with you as we work to shift the planet towards love and divine connection.

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