Live Events

stephanie banks

For now, all live events are done virtually through Zoom. Join me as I partner with amazing teachers and healers around the country to bring you one-of-a-kind workshops designed to support you in your amazing journey. Most workshops contain several components: meditation, movement, and channeling. It is a perfect combination to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Group Channeling Event

Learn to Channel

For me, channeling is connecting to divine wisdom, love, and energy. We are all channels, and there are many different ways to channel. I teach channeling from a place of joy, humor, and playfulness. If we can access those aspects of ourselves, we will be more effective channels.

Class dates: August 28, September 11, September 25, Oct 9, Oct 23, Nov 6. Class time: 8pm-9:30pm EST

Channeling Masterclass

Channeling Masterclass

To join me and a select group of other souls who are on a similar journey of tapping into their enormous capacity as an intuitive channel.

Dates: Sept 18, Oct 2, Oct 16, Oct 30, Nov 13, Dec 4 Time: 8-9:30pm EST/5-6:30pm PST

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