Learn to Channel

Recorded Webinar Series

This is my most popular webinar series that covers the foundations of channeling and intuition. 

In this series you will learn:


Where intuition and channeling are accessed in the brain and body


How to ground, clear, center, and connect your energetic field to the highest loving frequency


How to increase your heart-brain coherence thereby making yourself a more clear channel.


How to attune to your amazing body and discern its intuitive signals and wisdom


How to establish rituals for your channeling practice


How to set up agreements and communication with your spirit guides

“My prayers have been answered!

I sat in meditation this morning and messages were coming to me so fast and clear, by far the biggest shift and the most clear channeling and messages I have had in my career as an energy healer.  I don’t know what to attribute it to except your class.  This is something I have been trying to attain for well over a decade.

Many thanks sister for sharing your gifts with the world!

In humble appreciation and  eternal thanks.”

—Yes, you can learn to channel class participant

What is Channeling? 

Channeling is connecting to divine energy.

You can learn to channel insight and information from the invisible realms.

This class series will get you started on the path to becoming your own clear channel.

Watch this 4-class series and learn the basics of intuition and channeling.

Investment: $66

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